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"I’m a Potter. Not a Ceramicist. I’m not sure why I make the distinction, but it is visceral! Initially I thought that, perhaps, it was simply that I THROW. That I love the feel, rhythm and life of throwing, and of making multiple forms and refining their shape. Through this process, I became critical of form. But rural African people don’t throw clay on a wheel, and yet they are the original potters. So, perhaps, I’m a potter simply because I love to express myself only through clay and spend my life trying to transform it into art. By this distinction, Ceramicists are artists who, perhaps only temporarily, use clay to express artistic ideas. But for me the Clay is the ‘raison d’être’, it is the earth through which I express my desires. It allows me to say: “I am a Potter”."





Donve Branch


Fellow of Ceramics SA


Regional and National Award Winner

donve branch